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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: from Manual to Digital Access

Interface Resource Centre

Interface Resource Centre

In a bid to increase access, improve business operations, Web visibility as well as preserve its knowledge base, Interface Consulting LTD (ICL) contracted Chip Computing and Consult to develop and implement an Electronic Records and Management System. The main goal is to meet the timely information needs of both staff and ICL clients. By digitizing, a number of activities aiming will take place to establish an infrastructure which will ensure continued access to the digital files. In this case, Interface will be able to preserve original documents while providing unlimited access to the digital surrogates. Furthermore, this project moves towards separating the informational content from degradation of the physical medium by liberating constraints of poor storage environments typical of the tropical and sub-tropical climates in which Interface Consulting LTD is located.


The project has been structured in a number of phases. The first part of phase I of the whole project has been successfully completed. The activities of this project which lasted for over a month involved preparing the print materials, including sorting, weeding and identifying digital surrogates.


The physical filing system

The physical filing system

Currently the resource center has a functional filing system that facilitates physical access and retrieval of the records. However these records cannot be remotely accessed over the Web and within the office premises over a Local Area Network. Through digitization, ICL hopes to increase access, and preserve the content of the materials by creating an accessible facsimile of the object in order to put less strain on the original documents.

Digital technology is increasingly preferred as a method of preserving records mainly because it can provide easier access points and significantly reduce the need for physical storage space.

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