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Management Consulting

We provide advisory services on complex, but important public infrastructure and socio-economic development projects for clients in East Africa. We integrate our in depth knowledge and practical experience on development issues in the infrastructure, health and social sectors—including areas transitioning from conflict to provide clients with objective advice. >>Learn more

Engineering for Development

We deploy multi-disciplinary approaches in the design and implementation of public infrastructure services. At the planning stage of any project, we identify and highlight the social, institutional and environmental issues that have a bearing on the project objectives and we assist clients to integrate appropriate mitigation measures into the outputs delivered. >>learn more


For over a decade, Interface has conducted research into pertinent issues related to the delivery of public infrastructure and socio-economic development projects and services. Our work includes project evaluations and impact assessments, as well as investigations into particular issues that affect service delivery and the impact of development interventions. >>learn more

Project Management

We methodically plan, design, and estimate resource requirements for infrastructure projects—including water supply, roads and environmental schemes. During execution, we coordinate multi-disciplinary technical inputs and continuously monitor project performance in terms of time and resource use including the identification and institutionalization of appropriate procedures to minimize waste. >>learn more

Our Partners & Clients

Partners and Clients