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Management Consulting

We provide advisory services to our clients on complex, but important public infrastructure and socio-economic development projects in East Africa . We integrate our in depth knowledge and practical experience on development issues in the infrastructure, health and social sectors—including in areas transitioning from conflict to provide clients with objective advice.

Our approach and examples of our work

We leverage our more than decade long in-depth knowledge and experience working in the public and social sectors within East Africa to work with Clients to identify practical and sustainable solutions in water supply, public health,  humanitarian response, post conflict recovery, reconstruction and development  and the wider public sector. Examples of our work include :

Fiduciary Risk Assessment for the public financial management system in Uganda and in particular for the water and sanitation sector; completed for DFID and SIDA

Development of a capacity building framework and funding mechanism for over 180 NGOs active in the Ugandan water and sanitation sector;carried out for Government of Uganda and DFID

Identification of the key drivers for demand and supply transactions for capacity development  at decentralised levels; Interface  supported SNV in Uganda to explore the feasibility of setting up a local capacity development fund to broker or directly finance decentralized/ local level capacity development in the water and sanitation, agriculture and education sectors.

Our Partners & Clients

Partners and Clients