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20455435-a-person-drawing-and-pointing-at-a-your-success-is-our-goal-chalk-illustrationA Business is any legal activity carried out with an aim of making profits. But that is so different from a successful business. A successful business to me would have the following characteristics;
First of all it does not need to be advertised unless making adverts for changes and promotions. This would be because it already made a name for itself therefore it does not need recognition. I would obviously consider that a successful business.
A successful business to me would be a business that makes a lot of revenue or profits. Revenue is the money a business makes annually minus the expenses. So that would be a successful business to me. Sometimes it can make a lot of profits but when the expenses are also high so it may not be so successful.
A successful business is that business with many customers. Even though there may be businesses producing the same products, customers will keep on coming to the same business and the market for the products will continue to grow, which means your business may be producing quality product

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