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Lake Victoria WATSAN Project

Client: National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC)

Budget: 40,000 Euro

Timeline: 2014-2016


National Water and Sewerage Corporation has identified a need to increase the capacity of water in the central region, specifically in areas of Ggaba, Muyenga and Naguru so as to solve water supply challenges. CES Consulting Engineers Salzgitter GmBH are the main consultant on the project “Rehabilitation and Water Production Capacity Optimization of Ggaba Water Treatment Complex and Transmission Mains Improvements” with donor-funding from KfWEntwicklungsbank for a total project sum of 36 million Euro. Interface is providing Clerk-of-Works services on the project.

Works include

  • upgrade to Water Treatment Plants modification and rehabilitation of reservoirs to achieve 50,000m3 production capacity.
  • Lay new 4km DN 500 transmission main from Bunga (Ggaba-Gun hill main) to Makindye connecting into the MAkindye-Rubaga/Namasuba main
  • Construction of 4000m3 reservoir at Namasuba Hill
  • Modification works at Makindye (Tee on Muyenga-Rubaga/Namasuba main) Muyenga and Rubaga reservoirs to allow direct supply from Muyenga to Namasuba reservoir
  • Reconfiguration of the inlets and outlets at Muyenga reservoirs to enable use of all five reservoirs
  • Replacement of a section of the Naguru DN 450 main over an 2.5km, with DN 600

The implementation of these measures will raise the production capacity, the treatment processes in all the three Plants will be optimised and their operations become more stable, with better quality treated water.

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