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Technical Support: Schlumberger Works

Client: Schlumberger

Budget: approx USD 19,000

Timeline: November 2012 - ongoing


Interface is providing engineering services to Schlumberger Oilfield Eastern Limited,Uganda. Works completed so far include the servicing of heavy duty compressor units, design and upgrade of water and sewerage systems, repairs, item designs and productions. The table below describes the efficiency of our service delivery proving Interface to be a reputable and dependable entity that ensures Client’s needs are met sufficiently and with top priority.

Completed Works Detailed Description
Upgrades to the water supply systems Civil works extending water, pressure and power pipes, Repairing of water systems within their premises, plumbing works, supply and installation of water purifier,
Servicing Serviced heavy equipment such as ; Base and RIG generators, transfer pumps, hose pipe connections, hand pumps, system compressors,
Item designs and productions Designing, manufacturing and modifying tool boxes and trolleys
Repairs Providing services to fix transfer pumps, plumbing, Perkin generator, compressors, roller shutters,

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